What to buy fot your Puppy before arriving at the new house?

We at PTF recommend that you prepare adequately for the arrival of the puppy by purchasing:

  • a comfortable kennel
  • play dog ​​(both chewing games such as cowhide bones, and games with which the puppy can play and interact with us like balls, ropes, rubber animals, and so on and so forth!)
  • carrying
  • bowls for water and food and also the walking bowl for water
  • stool bag
  • collar and/or bib
  • food quality (we will advise you if you want)
  • absorbent sleepers (for any feces at home)

and last we left the things undoubtedly more important TIME and so much LOVE.


 When will I collect my puppy?

The puppy can be adopted after the 61 days of birth (NOT 59 NOT 60) on this we are obligatory because every day that the puppy spends with the mother is an important day at such a young age, so there please do not insist and do not put us in difficult positions.

 Can I have photos of the puppy between booking and collection?

Please do not ask for photos of your puppy or continuous updates, we know that you are very happy and euphoric for the upcoming puppy but keep   quiet that you will be updated periodically, without having to request it , with photos and information about the situation and progress of the  litter   (subject to our availability).