Hi to all guys with today’s video Lorenzo and Orah will show you all the accessories you need to better face the first walks with your puppy!

Let’s start with the list:

  • Leash:
    the choice of the leash is very important because it is thanks to this accessory that we will teach the puppy how to communicate with its handler. We at Pitbull Forest House recommend for the first walks a leash that gives the puppy space to acclimate and get used to walking with us, so it must be at least 5 meters long.You can use either the extendable leash (the one used in the video) as long as even a few meters of elongation does not have a strong tension on the harness and therefore on our puppy, or we can use a simple rope that allows the puppy to remain in the our surroundings without being forced to stay attached to us (this before you learn to walk with us) so 5 meters is fine.
  • Harness:
    the vast majority of harnesses on the market are good for taking our puppies for a walk, my favorite type is the one you can see in the video but the others will be fine too. If desired, we can also use the collar even if the latest studies have shown that the harness allows our dogs to communicate better with their peers through body language.


  • Muzzle
    let’s talk clearly we take it with us only because it is mandatory so take what you want as long as it is not bulky and inexpensive.


  • Stool bags:
    what about these magic bags are indispensable, they are all good as long as every time your friend needs him you use them.

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