Hi all guys, in this video Lorenzo and Orah will show you the behaviors to follow during the first walks with your puppy.

The choice of the place is important because obviously we have to make sure that our little friend gradually gets used to the new environments so my advice is not to choose very crowded places with traffic or strong sources of distraction, a package in a residential neighborhood like what you can see in the video is perfect!

As for the accessories we need to have, you can find them in our previous video.

Let’s start from the basics, it is essential that we conductors put our puppy at ease and maintain communication with him during the walk, let’s bring some treats, jump or make noises with the mouth, the important thing is to be able to have the attention of the puppy when we need it.

The question you ask us most often is how not to let dogs pull on a leash, the truth is that there are no secrets, you have to follow the rule that the dog gets what he wants if he does what we want, let me explain: he wants to go on one side and pulls to get there? Perfect we change direction, do you want to reach a tree or another dog to smell it? We will make it go the other way!

When instead he understands that he has to wait for us and that that blessed leash must NEVER stay in tension then we will reward him by going where he wants too, remember that the walk is for both of us so once you have learned it is also right to make sure that he also has fun. he sniffing where he wants to smell and making friends with his fellow men, but when we decide it’s time to go he must follow us without whims and without pulling.

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