Many people think that if they adopt a puppy of an american pitbull terrier from other kennels, it will be
the same as ours, but it is not! Our dogs are specifically selected in generations for well defined morpho-
character characteristics and morpho-physical characteristics; this is the result of a careful selection of
specimens in several generations. Furthermore our dogs are educated, socialized and trained for
generations to live in a family environment; they are well controlled and have been socialized for urban
and non-urban scenarios. By doing so, we have obtained pitbulls that are perfectly balanced in any
environment and suitable to spend their days with you in any context.
We remind you that the American Pitbull Terrier in UKC standard is the most suitable dog for families,
empathetic with man and hyper sociable towards its family.
Here we summarize the highlights of our kennel :

  • – We are not a traditional breeding environment, we are the Pitbull Forest House, an extraordinary facility where dogs are not kept closed in a box all day long, but we are equipped with several thousand square meter parks where our American Pitbull Terriers with their puppies can move freely, socializing with each other and with the different races, as well as with others animals and different people. Our objective is the hyper socialization of any APBT.


  • – We try to teach to your puppy from an early age the name that you have selected and some basic commands, making it socialized to the most varied situations and things.  We also offer, if you want, a certified treatment with the possibility to adopt a puppy already trained by us and our expert dog trainer, through our program of “Obedience Training”  at the sixth or seventh month of age (additional cost for this service: 1.200 euros).


  • – With us, the relationship does not end on the day of the puppy delivery, instead we remain at your disposal for any clarification regarding the education, nutrition or health of the puppy that you have


  • – Moreover our structure will be always open when you want to visit in case you want to socialize your puppy, maybe grown up, with our “champions”. Or simply let it go in one of our parks and exchange a chat about the experience you have collected up to that moment with your dog.


  • – We invite you to visit directly our structure, but if its not possible we are ready to send the puppy all over the world, with appropriate and authorized shipments.


  • – Actually for those people who can not go directly to our farm we offer a service included consisting of video calls, professional photos and specific videos for the choice of the puppy you want to adopt. This should allow you to choose the puppy that most suits you even from considerable distances.


  • – We always carry out an interview to understand your habits and which puppy can be better for you, based on the experience, character and temperament of the young puppy


  • – All our subjects are selected not only at a “morphological” level (we have specimens that in addition to the pedigree are suitable for “shows” and have won several awards) but also at the “morphocharacterial” level, in fact all of them present a temperate and balanced character, hypersocialized with man, the other animals and the different situations that can be encountered in everyday life (we have for each of our dogs the CAE-1 certification)


  • – We offer to our clients also a pension service! if for any reason you need to leave the puppy during short post-adoption periods, we will be happy to help you.


  • – We do not consider to be their “Owners” but their “Mates”, it is in fact this special relationship that distinguishes us and allows us to reach symbiotic levels with them that would be otherwise impossible.


  • – If you wish the most beautiful and balanced specimens of American Pitbull Terrier UKC please contact us.


  • – With more than 10 years in the field of Cynophilia we at Pitbull Forest House do not breed in the materialistic sense of the term, we take care of every our single dog by selecting the best American Pitbull Terrier of the planet in  UKC standard.

All puppies are delivered with:

– ✅ Health card ?
– ✅ Microchip ?
– ✅ Registration to the canine registry office ✍?
– ✅ Kit Puppy Farmina???

– ✅ + A Bonus with the PITBULL FOREST HOUSE signature?

If you wish Pitbull Forest House personally make deliveries to future owners throughout Italy (including the islands) upon reimbursement of expenses. For foreign deliveries instead the dog will be sent by air or in the case of a country neighboring Italy will also be delivered personally.

This always if you do not want to visit and go in person to our splendid facility.

Indicative costs for shipping a puppy:

  • – Automobile on Apple iOS 11.3  Deliveries in Italy, short-medium range   (50-100 euros)
  • – Train on Apple iOS 11.3 Automobile on Apple iOS 11.3  Deliveries in Italy, medium-long range   (150-250 euros)
  • – Airplane on Google Android 9.0 Train on Apple iOS 11.3  Automobile on Apple iOS 11.3  Deliveries in Europe   (300-450 euros)
  • – Airplane on Google Android 9.0  Intercontinental deliveries   (800- 1400 euros)

Given the large number of requests for our puppies we have introduced a very efficient system that consists of:

  • Reservation of the Puppy:  it  is valid from the publication day  on the Advertising poster in the section Breeding of our website until the 39th day after the birth of the puppy;  it is confirmed by paying a deposit of 400 euros.
  • Choice of the Puppy: takes place on the 40th day after the birth of the puppy, carried out according to the booking order; it is confirmed by paying a second deposit of 600 euros.
  • Withdrawal of the Puppy: occurs on the 61st day after the birth of the puppy and is confirmed with the payment of the balance based on the total cost of each individual puppy.

If instead you decide to come to our breeding place, without having made any reservation, after the 61st day of birth, and exceptionally there are still some puppies available; if you want to proceed with the purchase, you should pay the entire amount in one single deed and you could then leave the farm with your new faithful companion.

Moreover you can check the availability of puppies to be delivered in the section PUPPIES of our website and, if you wish, you can purchase online.

See you soon!

Of course yes! If you live at reasonable distances from our breeding place, we think it’s an excellent idea to get to know each other and visit our amazing pit bull facility. You will be able to personally see all our dogs and both parents of the puppy you intend to adopt,  realizing directly their extraordinary nature.

  • As you can find in the CONTACTS section our Pitbull Forest House facility is located in a rural area, exactly in Megliadino San Fidenzio 35040, in Via Coatta 10.
  • The place can be found about at the centre of  Padova, Verona and Vicenza, this makes us in a strategic and privileged position, immersed in the nature and at the same time close to the city.

Unless there are different written agreements, it is up to the owners themselves to decide whether they want to have their dog reproduce or not, provided that the dog is respected and loved by the family that adopts it.

  • You can simply download and  sign the contract attached to each “BREEDING” page or  “PUPPIES FOR SALE “ section, then proceed with payment via paypal on the various buttons present on our website and finally send an email to info@pitbullforesthouse.com with the scan or the photo of the contract signed by you with your id documents attached.

Alternatively you can contact us :  via whatapp, via mail, call directly or message us from  Facebook or Instagram to make a booking.

As you can see on the page PUPPIES FOR SALE , prices generally start at 1,200 euros to reach 2,000 euros for the first choice (both for  males and females). All according to the order of booking, the characteristics of the puppy and the pedigree of the parents. The number of puppies produced is very limited to ensure the prestige of the puppy and the life quality (very high) of our dogs.

For confirmations deposits we accept: Credit Cards, Pos, PayPal through our website, Cash, Bank Transfer. The same applies also to the balance when the puppy is delivered. The puppy will leave our breeding place only if the amount for the adoption has been fully paid.

  • Each of our puppies is sold well socialized for his age and with the first learning of his name and some basic commands (compatibly with the young age he has at the time of adoption).
  • If you wish a special treatment, we offer the opportunity to purchase a puppy already trained by us and our expert dog trainer, thanks to our “Obedience Training” Program. In this case, the Puppy will be delivered when it has six months of age with a series of commands already mastered at an additional cost of 1,200 euros. You will also follow the evolution of education through videos and photos on a weekly bases.

Absolutely not, our dogs are selected by character: they are balanced and temperate, curious and very socialized with the outside world and people of any age, sex or ethnicity. Our American pitbull terriers are the perfect family dog, empathetic and socialized with man and even hypersocialized to different situations, animals or things.

We are available almost 24 hours a day for all your questions. You can contact us by phone or via whatapp at the number +39 3482949880 (Alberto) and +39 3345469098 (Lorenzo), or by sending an email to info@pitbullforesthouse.com