In this video Orah and Lorenzo will show you how to manage the first outings without a leash with your puppy, obviously all the rules mentioned in the video also apply to adult dogs! Although we at Pitbull Forest House recommend getting your puppy used from an early age to being OFF LEASH (without a leash) from an early age, obviously first we must make sure that there are no dangers for our dog such as:

rat / fox poisons
busy streets
canals or rivers with sustained current or steep banks unsuitable for ascent
crazy people who don’t like Pit Bulls
crazy people who don’t like dogs in general
presence of stray dogs or wild animals that can cause us problems (bears / wolves / wild boars)

Once we have made sure that the place is safe we ​​need to make sure that our dog is ready, that he comes back to our call and in general that he is under our “” “control” “” (as far as possible). So look at her body language, she must be as comfortable as Orah in this video (no shaking, stiff tail touching her belly and quick, jerky movements).

Ok it’s time to free him! I recommend that you test the recall first by always trying to reward it with good things and celebration when it comes back to you (at least the first few times). Be careful and enjoy!

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