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Dog Training Pitbull Forest House

A pitbull puppy has an extraordinary learning ability, especially in the first weeks and months of life when he has not yet acquired “preconceptions” with which to interpret the events he will face.

Training of American Pitbulls

The puppy’s first experiences are therefore extremely important and will affect his entire life forever, determining the approach with which your four – legged friend will face the various situations of everyday life and beyond and going to found those preconceptions on which your pibtull, later adult, will build on.

Allowing your pitbull puppies to come into contact with the most varied stimuli without proper control of the situation could lead to unpleasant consequences as well as create the basis for a behavioral problem.

For most stimuli and experiences, errors of this kind can also be resolved in the future but obviously the difficulty in recovering a dog with consolidated behavioral problems is much greater than the relative simplicity with which the puppy can be properly approached in the world in which he will have to live.

To support those who want to ensure their life partner a correct and balanced learning, we have developed an “ad hoc” program that allows your puppies to experiment, always having fun, all the contexts that one day they might face.

Taking into account the developmental stages of the puppy, an effective educational program has been created which allows the little furs to take their first steps in the right direction; going to submit with the right gradual stimuli of all kinds in fact, the dog will acquire knowledge on noises, smells, behaviors to keep in company, physical self-awareness and much more.

Only the best for our pitbull puppies

Each puppy can be sold with one of these dog training programs:


190 / 61/70 days
at 61/70 days
  • NAME ( the puppy recognizes his name well )
  • SEAT ( the puppy sits )
  • COME ( the puppy comes to you )


480 / 70/80 days
at 70/80 days
  • START SOCIALIZING IN HOME ENVIRONMENT (the puppy spends several hours in different outdoor environments with our educators, in the kitchen, living room and dining room to begin to understand how it should behave inside a house )
  • START SETTING WALK ( the puppy is taken on a walk and the educational bases are set for a correct walk )
  • STAY (the puppy stands still when asked )

2 Class

970 / 85/90 days
at 85/90 days
  • SOCIALIZING IN HOME ENVIRONMENT ( the puppy spends many hours in a home environment in order to make it easier for the future handler to manage the puppy inside his home )
  • SOCIALIZING IN URBAN ENVIRONMENT ( the puppy is taken for a walk in an urban environment and accustomed to the noise of the city)
  • SOCIALIZING WITH A LOT OF OTHER DOGS (the puppy is brought to socialize with many dogs of different breeds and sizes in different environments to ensure that he begins to learn to communicate better with his like )
  • GOOD WALK ( the puppy has a good walk set up )
  • OFF LEASH WITH CONTROLL // +200€ // ( the puppy is brought to the woods and countryside and is used to being off the leash and returning to you when you call him back)


1950 / 110/120 days
at 120/180 days
  • FULL SOCIALIZATION (the puppy is completely at ease in urban, rural and parks)
  • PERFECT WALK ( the puppy takes a good walk in a controlled way )
  • BRING BACK THE BALLl (the puppy brings the ball back to you, a very useful action also for a future training and entertainment plan with your dog )
  • SPEAK / SILENCE ( the puppy barks and is silent on command )
  • ON (the puppy climbs over an object)
  • IN ( the puppy goes inside the kennel or a space on command )
  • OUT ( the puppy comes out of the kennel or a space on command )
  • TAKE IT (the puppy bites and takes the object )
  • LEAVE IT ( the puppy leaves the object)
(Each level includes all the Commands of the previous levels‼️ )

N.B. Each command will be tested by a relative video of your puppy that will demonstrate its learning! Obviously, the handler will undertake to continue education and training in order to reinforce the commands that have been taught to the puppy following the advice given by our staff so as to obtain “THE PERFECT PIBTULL”.