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Among the Best Exemplars in the World

Just thanks to the way they are bred and raised in our House, our dogs have a mild and balanced character, they are used to be in close contact with man and with the other dogs. In our breeding centre they are looked after with love, constantly undergo routine examinations in order to have  an excellent health and are instructed to become extraordinary disciplined dogs.

Our aim is to dispel the myth that is associated to the Pitbull being a dog often aggressive and not fit to be welcomed in a family. Nothing could be more wrong!

With more than 10 years in the field of Cynophilia we at Pitbull Forest House do not breed in the materialistic sense of the term, we take care of every our single dog by selecting the best American Pitbull Terrier of the planet in UKC standard.

It seems evident that the character of any dog depends from various factors, either genetic, but especially due to the environment and instruction, it is critical the location where they live and spend their days to establish their character, which will later become specific for any dog.

Our concept for breeding, that turns into a real House, welcoming and familiar, represents the basis of our modus operandi for what is the character of our four legged friends.

We do not consider to be their “Owners” but their “Mates”, it is in fact this special relationship that distinguishes us and allows us to reach symbiotic levels with them that would be otherwise impossible.

Like for any breed of animals there are some specific features that we can identify in the Pitbull, even if, as we said above, any dog is distinguished for its uniqueness. As a general rule we can say they are extremely mild dogs with an extraordinary empathic soul compared to other breeds, therefore they are eager to socialize with man and among themselves in a very natural manner. Likewise they show to have great respect and trust in the reference figure and in the world around them.

Besides having such an empathic, almost human character that distinguishes them, they are endowed with a marked curiosity that make a Pitbull a dog inclined to observing the external events with extreme attention; this is the reason why a critical part of their character is surveillance, an important talent that let tem perceive immediately danger signs.

There also exist a stronger side of their character, which is not dangerous for man thug, represented by their natural instinct that each dog has inside in order to protect against external violent attacks or difficult situations. In a few words the American Pitbull Terrier is a loyal companion that will accompany you for the whole length of your life with dedication donating you continuous “surprises”!


American Pitbull Terrier

Blue Maya

American Pitbull Terrier UKC


American Pitbull Terrier UKC

Red Jack

American Pitbull Terrier UKC

Blue Diamond

American Pitbull Terrier UKC

Red Thecla

American Pitbull Terrier UKC

If you would like to obtain information on available cubs or if you have the intention to adopt one of them: call us, contact us via email or write us on whatsapp.

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Thanks to more than 10 years experience in dealing with dogs, Pitbull Forest House is a real House for our four legged friends, the best location in the whole world where you can meet your loyal companion. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on our Facebook or Instagram pages where we will update any new breeding in place, photo, event, mere information or results obtained by our wonderful House. Periodically in fact we take part to competitions in different disciplines and in this section you will be able to follow our training and be constantly updated on the Pitbull Forest House world.

We offer to our clients also a pension service! if for any reason you need to leave the puppy during short post-adoption periods, we will be happy to help you.