The “American Pitbull Terrier” breed was born in the late 1800s from the crossing of the Bulldog and the English Terrier. In America farmers in 1845 focused on Bulls and Terriers, imported from Ireland because of migrations due to the famous “Downy mildew”. In the USA. this breed is under the protection of the ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) and the UKC (United Kennel Club) since 1898, which, unlike other associations that only recognize their breed, conceive the morphological point of view in a manner different. Let’s open a parenthesis on the United Kennel Club: UKC founder C. Z. Bennett, in 1898, awarded UKC number 1 to his American Pitbull Terrier. The Pitbulls to date are powerful and indomitable, of strong character, determined. It is a very protective race towards the owner, loving and loyal. The American Pitbull Terrier has obtained 18 different work patents, a unique case in the world.



The standard is the point of reference to offer a solid guide for those breeders who want to maintain the quality of the breed and improve it within the possible limits, to seek the affirmation of the characteristics that define a selection that is as homogeneous and similar as possible throughout the world.


The UKC thinks of the dog with massive tonnage and head called a “brick”, in fact the dog raised with the UKC standard has a bigger bone than one of the ADBA standard because over time the interest in aggression has become lost compared to its origins, in fact it is not forgotten, though it also goes towards aesthetics. All this is the result of years of selection to obtain a dog of larger size but with a lower level of aggressiveness than the first pitbull with “aggressive” characters deriving from the terrier, which were much more accentuated. Today, thanks to UKC standards, the American Pit Bull Terrier continues to represent its versatility by successfully competing in “Obedience”, “Rally Obedience”, “Lure Coursing”, “Tracking”, “Dock Jumping”, “Agility”, “Weight Pulling” and “Conformation”.



The belief regarding the dangerousness of pit bulls is still very strong, considered aggressive dogs also due to episodes that have also involved numerous children. Animal that is actually famous for teeth and musculature, which made it suitable for combat. In reality the pitbull is not absolutely bad as it is thought, indeed it has been noticed that it is to say the least excellent for the Pet Therapy, therapy to improve the life of the sick, children, elderly and of disabled people or with mental problems. The tenderness given and received by the pit bulls show how these dogs prove to be reliable, meek and versatile.